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* Examples shown are based on a 7 night stay, for 2 - 4 adults using a $500 My Vacation Card to display the discounted price.

InspiraCard - 4k Resorts & Hotels Worldwide
4k Resorts & Hotels Worldwide
Save on all top resort & hotel brands anywhere in the world
InspiraCard - Price GUARANTEE
If you find a resort cheaper online, we promise to credit you 150% of the difference.
InspiraCard - Thousands of Satisfied Customers
Thousands of Satisfied Customers
Thousands of customers choose us every year for their holiday.
InspiraCard - Exclusive Deals
Exclusive Deals
Member-only rates so low you have to see them to believe them
InspiraCard - Refund Policy
Refund Policy
My Vacation Card have a 14 day full refund policy, if you are unhappy or can't redeem we will refund the price you paid for the card if within 14 days of purchase.

Samples of Resort Brands from our Collection...

What is My Vacation Card?

My Vacation Card can be redeemed for weekly holiday stays all over the world.

Gives you exclusive access to non public prices for over 4000 hotels and Resorts worldwide.

Buy a Discount Card for less than the face value to get a great price for your next holiday.

Send a card as a gift for friends & family.

View live availability before you buy a card.

150% Price Guarantee!

Test it out! If you don’t find what you are looking for, we offer a 14 day full refund on any cards purchased.

How it works

Select resort from results and complete the reservation process. Your My Vacation Card will be automatically deducted from final price. An email with your reservation number and important information about your resort will be sent to you. 4. Book & Get Discount Log-in to your account, all available My Vacation Card Card(s) will be reflected on top the page. Enter desired destination, travel dates and click "Search". All available resorts, with prices showing your My Vacation Card discount, will be listed. 3. Choose Destination Click on the "Register" button, add your card's Activation Code and fill-out all requested information. Click on the "Register with facebook" button to make the registration proccess faster. 2. Register Click the "Buy Card" button and choose your My Vacation Card(s). If available, add your "Discount Code" to receive a discount on your purchase. An email with your card Activation Code will be sent to you. 1. Buy Card

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